Coach Info – Michael Kirby

photo 2Michael Kirby – Owner/Head coach
Level 2 CrossFit Trainer
Level 1 CrossFit Trainer                                           
CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer


“I have been involved with athletics all my life.  When I was 8 to 9 years old, I participated in gymnastics, which built a strong foundation for my athletic career with flexibility and balance, while learning many basic gymnastics movements including walking on my hands and back flips.

In high school I played four years of football and wrestling, and two years of track and field.  Wrestling was the sport where I had my greatest achievements.   After starting when I was only 12 (most kids start at ages 5 or 6), through hard work and determination, I went on to achieve All State my sophomore, junior, and senior year, finishing 6th, 8th, and 2nd respectively.

I  studied engineering at Purdue University for a year and half, then transferred to The University of Michigan.  After 2 years away from wrestling, I decided to walk on to the wrestling team at U of M.  It ended up being the first year that they actually had to make cuts and I made the team.  However, after one semester on the team, I realized I was better off focusing all my energies on my studies and left the team.  I truly respect what college athletes put their minds and bodies through to achieve what they do.

The years after college and up until the start of 2013, I struggled to find a consistent level of activity and a workout routine.  After P90x (an at home routine), running several half marathons along with 1 full marathon, and everything in between, I still had trouble staying at a consistent level of fitness.  Then came CrossFit.  It totally changed my life and my outlook on fitness.  I now want to share it with everyone so that others can find that same consistency, excitement, and improvement that I am experiencing.

I started coaching people in the CrossFit methodology in late 2013 and have already seen how it can change others lives.  Because of this, I went out on a leap of faith by opening our gym in hopes of helping others and developing a positive, healthy, and invigorating community that people can join and feel at home.”