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Hi, everyone!! We are Mike & Monica Kirby, owners of Fight The Good Fight Fitness!

We live in Grand Blanc, MI., and have been married since 2014. We are so grateful for God aligning our paths in 2012, in His timing, perfect timing, and couldn’t be more blessed to share this life together. We have two dogs, English Mastiff’s G & Luna, and we currently have a baby on the way!luna and g  The Lord has answered our prayers and our little miracle will be arriving sometime in April of 2018!

Mike graduated from University of Michigan Ann Arbor with a Bachelors in Engineering.

Monica graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors in Criminology/Criminal Justice with a concentration in Corrections.

12074975_10102560480608434_8179684031272455013_nWe owe everything to the One, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are so grateful to be part of The River Church community, where we truly came to know the One True King. He is ALIVE and we are humbled to know Him.

One of our favorite quotes reflects our hearts perfectly:

When we say that we are Christian, we are not shouting that we are clean livin’.
We are whispering that we were lost, but now we are found and forgiven.
When we say that we are Christian, we don’t speak this with pride.
We are confessing that we stumble, and that we need Christ to be our guide.
When we say that we are Christian, we are not trying to be strong.
We are professing that we are weak and need His strength to carry on.
When we say that we are Christian, we are not bragging of success.
We are admitting that we fail daily and that we need God to clean our mess.
When we say that we are Christian, we are not claiming to be perfect.
Our flaws are far too visible, but God believes we are worth it.
When we say that we are Christian, we still feel the sting of pain.
We have our share of heartaches, so we call upon His name.
When we say that we are Christian, we are not holier than thou.
We are sinners who have received God’s grace.”

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