It’s Time To Quit!

“If you’re going to quit anything, quit being lazy, quit making excuses and quit waiting for the right time.” — Joe Duncan

So, when is the best time to quit something that’s not good for us?  Immediately!!  Don’t put it off until Monday, because Mondays come and go and then it’s the next Monday.  If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing right now!  I know there are seasons, and phases, and road bumps in our lives, but we don’t need to stay there, or quit the fight.  Let’s quit the excuses.

I just recently felt convicted that I’m talking the talk but not walking the walk.  I can jump in and do a workout, but can I stick with it day in and day out?  Can I show the kind of improvements that I want to see or my customers want to see?  I have tons of excuses, but I need to stop looking at them and start lookign toward my WHY.  I realized I needed to find a way to make it work, not just come up with excuses and put it off until another day.  I’m recommitted to my workouts and eating right.  I’m still working tons of hours and have a baby on the way.   I need to be healthy and fit so I can weather the storm of late night feeding and carrying, not just one child, but two children around the house on my back.  

Emmyrose (that’s my 33month yo daughter) and I recently went out and played in the snow.  We went walking.  Her feet started hurting.  Daddy carried her back to the house.  Wow, I realized I need to workout more, that was way harder than it should’ve been.  I should be able to pick her up and run to the house if I had to.  

Anyway, rabbit trail.  What I’m trying to say is that I understand where you are coming from.  We all need help.  I need help.  But let’s be real, quit making excuses, and open up to others.  Let’s share our burdens, so we don’t have to carry them on our own.  Just show up and things WILL improve.  You will work hard.  Feel great.  Be motivated to do it again and keep moving forward.  It’s amazing how much better you feel once you catch your breath and get up off the ground after a workout.  

Love you guys!  You CAN do this.  I WILL help you!

Coach Mike.

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Key components of success in your fitness journey.

1.  Nutrition:  Drink 16oz of water as soon as you wake up.  Don’t eat for approx. 2 hours before you go to bed.  Eat early and often.  Low Carb.

2.  Sleep:  There are glasses out there called “Blue Blockers” that block out certain light that causes our bodies to react like the sun is up, like “Hey it’s time to wake up!”  These can be worn at night to help our bodies get ready to sleep, not stay awake.

3.  Activity:  “Functional Movements” – We use functional movements.  What that means is it prepares your body to function in the real world.  While there are always exceptions, we don’t normally do toe raises, or bicep curls, or anything that singles out one joint or muscle group.  Hardly ever, in real life, do we get tested in that way.