Coaching through Change

The only thing you can count on to be consistent is CHANGE. As soon as everything is in line, organized, and figured out, then something is about to change in your life. You can count on it.

Our goal should NOT be to keep everything the way it is, but to proactively adjust to change. We need to be prepared for change to happen, because it’s inevitable.

Our programming is “constantly varied” which results in consistent growth. That’s what life does. It constantly varies, which results in great opportunities for growth – personal, physical, and spiritual.

We coach people to help develop a routine for fitness, nutrition, and just life in general. But the routine is more than just do this, then, do that.  It’s routinely looking at your goal, or your long distance objective/destination on a road map.  The route may change, but the overall objective does not.

As coaches, we help you to navigate “life”.  You come to a road block?  Do we go around or climb over it?  Will we get out an ax, or some dynamite?  Do we take a side route, or do we have to backtrack a little?  It all depends on you, your objective, and the tools you have available.  Let’s not get bogged down by life, or thrown off by change.  Let’s team up and work through these changes and road blocks together.

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Coach Mike