Return on Investment

Just a thought.

I was thinking of investments and what it means to invest in yourself.  What does that look like in terms of ROI (return on investment).  We really only have two things to invest, time or money.  The time is a limited resource, we only have so much time in each day, and we ALL have the same allotted amount.  With money, it seems limited also, but we can always make more of that.  When investing in yourself, it will take time and money, but which one is more difficult.

My example, pertains to the health and wellness portion of ourselves.  And we can look at it two ways.

First, you invest time, say an hour a day, four times per week exercising.  That amounts to an annual investment of 4hrs x 52weeks = 208 hours.  OR 8.67 days.  If you did this for one year and it added an extra one year to your life, that would be an initial return of 42 times your investment or 365 / 8.67.  If you did that for 42 years and still only gained one year to the end of your life, then you’d break even.

Second, you can look at it on the financial side.  If you spent $125 per month for a gym membership.  Everything else is taken care of, you just need to show up ready to work.  That would be $1,500 per year.  Say you make $40,000 annually at your job and add one more year to the end of your life (hopefully you don’t work for the rest of your life, but this is just an example), then you’ve made 26.7 times your investment in the first year.  Say you did this for 26.7 years and you still only add that one year to your life, then you’ve broke even.

Just putting things in perspective.  You can’t put a price tag on time with family or a better quality of life.  You can’t put a dollar amount on the confidence you would gain and how much better you would feel.  The ROI here can be infinite.  What if it gives you the drive to tackle that problem that always held you back, or take that risk that you were always afraid of taking and it resulted in a complete change in your life.  You can’t just buy this sort of stuff, you have to earn it.  It takes time and hard work, and maybe a little bit of money for some coaching.  What do you think?

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