Mindset Matters!

I want to point out a couple things about our athletic mindsets.  A simple way of categorizing them are as follows:

It is either True or False.  We either have an accurate view of our ability or not.
Then, Positive or Negative.  We either in a Positive or Negative capacity with our ability.

There are 4 combinations of these mindsets and what comes along with them.

False Positive – Glory days!!  We think we are better than we are.  We are reliving our glory days back in high school when we are 50lbs over weight and 20years out of high school.  This can lead to pushing yourself harder than you should or trying to lift heavier weights than your body is capable of at this moment.  Also, setting goals that are far out of your reach.  This mindset can lead to INJURY very quickly.

False Negative – We don’t think we are capable of anything and tend not to push ourselves when we should.  This is taking the safe way out, staying in our comfort zone, and never progress like we should.  You aren’t setting goals.  This is safe, no risk, but you won’t see the improvements that you really want to see.

True Positive – This is a correct view of what you are truly capable.  You know what you are capable of and push yourself.  You will see true improvements.  You set big goals, but they are realistic.

True Negative – You know your limitations and scale appropriately.  You may not be at your best right now, but you are taking the right approach to improving and are avoiding injury.

As a coach, my goal is that you have a True mindset, whether positive or negative.  You need to start with the truth, then work toward making a new truth by staying healthy and setting realistic goals.  If you see yourself in one of those “False” mindsets, talk with the coach and let’s get things straightened out.