A Changed Man

God is in the people changing business.  There was a man named Saul that persecuted or punished, tortured, and killed the early Christian church (those people that followed Jesus and his teachings).  It’s because Jesus challenged the beliefs of the Jews in that time and no one likes to be proved wrong or have their “business” messed with.

Jesus got a hold of Saul, blinded him (just to get his attention), had one of his followers (whom was extremely afraid of Saul) to go and show him the love of Christ, thus obeying Jesus’ commands, and returned Saul’s sight.  Saul was a changed man and Jesus changed his name to Paul.  It was a drastic change.

He went from persecuting the church to, probably, one of the most persecuted follower of Christ.  He claimed Jesus as his Lord, was convinced He was God, and got baptized shortly there after.  God used him to do many great things.  He didn’t wake up one day and just change his mind about all the Christianity stuff, Jesus got a hold of him and made it happen.

We don’t do the changing ourselves, but we need to allow it to happen.  The gift of salvation is freely given, we just need to see our need for it and accept it.  There are no perfect people.  There was only one, and that was Jesus.  And he is the only one that cover up the sin in our lives.

We all pretty much know the difference between right and wrong.  And, we all have some things in our lives, whether big or small, that we know are wrongs, but we continue to do whether we want to or not.  There are just some things we can’t quit, get rid of, or put away forever.  Will you let Jesus do that for you today?  He’s done it for me and I am so grateful for the amazing things he does.