Is what you’re doing working??

Like father, like 60yo son!!

In our journey for improved fitness, our goal is not to avoid soreness, but to embrace it and manage it. Your muscles being sore tells you that what you are doing is working!!

You really don’t want it to get easier. Well, you do, but you shouldn’t. You want to keep progressing but, if things get easier, you won’t.

I’m thinking of this right now because I feel pretty beat up. I did some weight lifting yesterday that I haven’t done in awhile, so I’m really feeling it. It shouldn’t and won’t feel like this every time as long as I’m consistent. When we stop doing something for a long while (aka Quarantine) then starting back up could feel like we are starting all over.

That shouldn’t deter you from doing it, but to take it easy and ease yourself back into your regular program. At FTGF, we always keep our client’s best interests in mind. While we want you to progress and get a good workout, we take the approach of “living to fight another day”. Meaning you can’t make it all up at once.

You need to be able to function the next day. We want you back, and soon, to keep things rolling. You need to take baby steps to get back to where you were, or it may never happen.

Just show up and get to work. But let’s be smart about it.