Help Me Help You!

When many of us got sent home because of the COVID, there were still many healthcare workers staying on at work, taking care of the elderly, regularly sick, injured, and, of course the COVID patients. Not only did they have to deal with their normal stress of life, family, work, etc. they had the added stress of potentially getting infected with the virus and becoming sick themselves. Also, many of them had  an extra work load and extra shifts because of those people that either decided to stay home or got sick!!  I just wanted to post and say how thankful I am of those healthcare workers. I have the privilege of working with a couple through online training and have learned about what they are dealing with.

On another note, there is a tendency for caregivers to spend a majority of their energies on giving care to others and not having any left to care for themselves. I just want to compare this to the safety talk on an airplane (you know, those things we used to ride around on and go fun places!! ) when they talk about putting your oxygen mask on first before helping others.

You aren’t nearly as helpful to others when you don’t take care of yourselves. Please!  Please, be sure to do so. That’s what I do my best to do. Help people help themselves. (Jerry McGuire). Help me, help you!!  Seriously, let’s all take care of ourselves so we can be of more use to others that we can help. Take care and God bless.