What are you FTGF’ing for?


What are you FTGF’ing for?

What am I fighting for?  Isn’t fighting wrong?  Not when you are fighting to do the right thing, to make a difference in your life and others.  Here at FTGF, we consider fighting a good thing.  It’s striving for something better.

This comic is from a good friend of mine.  He does these and sends them to me almost daily.  This one hit home with the mentality of our gym.

So, you can’t do burpees?  Can you fall down on the ground?  Yep, everyone can, but can you get back up?  You gotta get back up!  That’s one burpee, now you’re moving.  Now you’re living.  I like the saying “If life knocks you down, do a burpee.”

This comic carries over to everything we do.  If you can’t do something, you don’t just stop trying.  You do what you can do, you get to where you can do it extremely well, then you keep progressing, slowly but surely.  You keep challenging yourself and working hard, your body will adapt, then you’ll be able to do more.

You can’t do a pullup?  We have a scale for that.

You can’t do a pushup?  We have a scale for that.

You can’t squat and get back up?  We have a scale for that.

You can’t do a handstand?  We’ll prop you up against the wall.

You can’t run?  We may start you crawling like in the comic.

This life is a gift from God.  Let’s make the best of it.

You can do CrossFit without being able to walk on your hands, do backflips, and swing on the rings like a monkey.  All you need to do it is swallow your pride and get started where you are at, and keep progressing forward.  Are you willing to put the work in to achieve your dreams.  Stuff that comes easy is easily taken for granted and lost.  Nothing in life is worth having if it doesn’t require work to get it.